Thursday, May 30th 3:30 - 5:00 (Scrimmage combined with Devon - Girls will have a game and the boys will have a game).
Friday, May 31st - 3:30-5:00 (Girls only)

This is a tenative schdule for the week and may change so please keep checking back.
JAMBOREE - Monday, June 2nd
On Monday, June 2nd, 2008, our rugby teams will be participating in our district jamboree held at Loyalist field located behind the Canadian Tire on Main street.
The games will begin at 1:00pm. Students who have drives with parents may drive down to the field at lunch time. All others will take eat their lunches leave the school at 12:10pm. We will walk as a group and I will supervise the students on the walk down to the field.
We will have 2 girls team and our boys will combine with Devon to form one boy’s team to play in the jamboree. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough interest with any of the schools to hold a JV boys league (grades 6 & 7). We have about seven grade 6 boys who have been practicing with us. I am reluctant to put these students up against grade 8 players as I feel that there is large size difference between those age groups and that someone may get hurt. If parents feel that their son should be able to play, please send me a permission letter explaining why (ex. Son is a good size for his age). I will take this into consideration but ultimately have the final say during the course of the game/jamboree whether they should be playing or not.
I would like our grade 6’s to join us at the jamboree regardless of whether they are playing or not. If they are unable to play, they can assist with being line judges, etc…
The jamboree will run until 4:00. Please make arrangements to pick up your child no later than 4:00pm.

Our numbers dropped from 55 boys to around 12-14 players in the few short weeks that we've been running the program. I did expect a little decline but not this much. Apparantly, the other schools around the district are experiencing the same problem. This has unfortunately eliminated the JV league for grades 6 & 7's. There will only be a 7&8 boys team and the grade 6's are not allowed to play because of the huge size difference between them. Our numbers are now too low to hold our own team and will be combining with Devon Middle School for the Jamboree. We will continue to practice at Nasis on our own but will have one practice with Devon before the jamboree.

The grade 6 boys are still encouraged to come out to practice and even attend the jamboree but they will not be able to play as it is a safety issue. The boys were given an option to take their entire fee back or to take a jersey (t-shirt) that they can keep and then receive a $10.00 refund (half the fee). I apologize, it's disappointing for me as I was assured that we would have enough for two teams.

GREAT TURN OUT - Nasis had a great contingent of players show up for Kieran Crowley's session at Loyalist field. Great job everyone.

JAMBOREE - It now appears that the Jamboree will be held on Monday, June 2nd with a rain date scheduled for Thursday, June 4th. The games will start between 1-2 and end around 4:30 at Loyalist field.

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